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$10,000 Grant Donated to Greer Christian Learning Center

The CBL State Savings Bank Foundation has given $10,000 to the Greer Christian Learning Center (GCLC) to construct an addition onto the center.

The Greer Christian Learning Center, in cooperation with schools and in partnership with parents and churches, provides students in public schools an opportunity to embrace the gospel through classes, to grow in Christian maturity, and to apply Bibl

ical principles to their lives, families, and communities. Students are transported to and from the middle school and high school in Greer, and the students are now outgrowing the space for their needs. The goal is to add an additional 3,500 square feet.

“We appreciate the support and continued partnership that CBL provides. We cannot continue without our community and the on-going support is so valuable to our program and, more importantly, to our kids,” says Cathy Neely, Director of GCLC.

“The Greer Christian Learning Center has been serving our community since 1997, and we would like to see there mission continue in the proper space and size for their current needs,” said CBL CEO & President Jennifer T. Jones. “CBL is a proud supporter in helping make that possible.”

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